Slate And Tile Roofing Repair Installation MONTARA CA

Slate And Tile Roof Maintenance And Installation

Slate and tile roofs have been used for hundreds of years for a reason. They are popular in Montara CA. First they add personality and distinction to a home or building.  Second they last for many years with little maintenance.  Third they can be repaired with the skilled craftsmen and their tools.

If you are reading this you may be an owner of a residence with a slate or tile roof and need the help of a professional who can fix your roof.  Not just any roofer can fix a slate or tile roof there are many considerations when fixing the roof. The biggest need to consider is knowledge and skill.

As a homeowner you know that using an air gun and plopping shingles on a roof is totally different then replacing a few tile in the middle of the roof without damaging the surrounding tile or slate. For one removing the old tile and keeping the ones that are reusable takes time and patience.  There is a system and a process to removing tiles and slate roofing.

We have the equipment, the knowledge, the skills, and the patience to do your job correctly the first time.  Montara contractor says “Call us before there is damage to the inside of the home and maybe even mold growth in the house.”