High End Luxury Elite Landscaping Hutchinson Pennsylvania

Outdoor elite high end luxury landscaping in Hutchinson means many things to many people. Obviously we are all made different and have different tastes. What makes your outdoor space special is your stamp of personality on the project.
Don’t forget the lighting. Lighting can produce luxury affects
The style of your house will also determine the materials used in your project. Log homes and a polished slate walk way may not be the best combination. Even a Tuscan garden with a modern home would be incongruent.
Luxury landscaping starts at the front yard. The front yard landscaping should create a strong sense of arrival.
• Extensive landscape plantings. In the plans, include vegetation that reflects the setting.

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• Private swimming pool. Create a place for a pool within setbacks between house balconies and other buildings or structures such as fences. A pool’s design is created for ease of pedestrian circulation and to accommodate chaise lounge seating. Using a dark plaster for the pool shell will enhance the natural reflection of blue sky. Add inlays to the pool to add interest.
• Focus on creating a stunning sense of arrival from the road and throughout the motor court. This is done by incorporating the style of the home in columns, walls, fountain and gates and by adding a human scale to the entryway
• The entrance to the motor court can be framed by two columns that pull forward the architectural elements and theme of the home. Human scale was further enhanced in the motor court by adding a ground level water fountain and planter placed in the center of the motor court.
• Plenty of landscaping plants of different sizes and types and textures can provide a strong backdrop for the home and entryway.
After all the plants and hardscape is finished use stylish furnishings matching the home design and outdoor rugs for multiple seating areas.

Also included in luxury elite landscape design is architecturally-designed structures with “indoor” amenities such as large screen televisions, vaulted ceilings, fireplaces. Porches and decks with wood ceilings, fans, recessed lighting, furnishings finish off the landscape by connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.Many of these rooms and spaces are resort quality
Resort-like, outdoor rooms will features a full kitchen and bar, plus dining area and an entertainment area with TVs. Wood-fired ovens are becoming more popular. From a simple portable oven to a stone-veneered, permanent feature in the landscape, more homeowners are exploring the joy of cooking in their own back yard.

In professional landscape lighting, a well-designed outdoor living space usually consists of three layers of lighting: task, ambient and accent.
With this concept in mind, LED lamps are the perfect solution for outdoor lighting designers who understand the importance of mixing colors and beamspreads throughout a lighting plan to supply the different needs and activities.
The clear, even light field provided by LED lamps also allows the natural textures of masonry, plants and structural elements to stand out, instead of being masked and distorted by the light strands emitted by traditional halogen bulbs.
The main purpose of layering light is to provide a safe, visually interesting and functional lighting design.

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