Hot Tubs – Spas Commerce City Colorado – The Features And Benefits Of Hot Tubs – What Options Are Best

Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub filters work by capturing debris from the water passed through them.

Simply stated, filters with large surface areas collect more debris. Another way to increase the filter area is to include multiple filters. Multiple water filters in a hot tub are popular in Commerce City CO. Large filters reduce the number of impurities and particles that are pumped back into the hot tub’s water.

Ozone Water Treatment

Many new hot tubs come with the option of ozonators for enhanced hot tub water maintenance. Ozonators offer two benefits to the spa user:

Ozone has been used in water treatment since the late 18th century. Because it can decolorize many substances, it is used commercially as a bleaching agent for organic compounds, as a strong germicide for the sterilization of drinking water and to remove objectionable odors and flavors. Using Ozone in a hot tub reduces the use of harsh chemicals.

Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

Soaking in a new hot tub provides three important elements which have been shown to improve emotional and physical health: heat, massage, and buoyancy. For one third of Americans who have some form of arthritis, hot tubs exercise and relax the muscle joints which may cause pain during simple daily tasks, allowing patients to feel more comfortable.

They also help diminish insomnia, which affects almost 75 % of the population on a regular basis. Not only does the experience reduce the stress which often causes sleepless nights, but a recent study showed that a drop in body temperature helps one fall into a deeper sleep. It was suggested that soaking in 103-degree water 90 minutes before bedtime for just 15 minutes is an effective and natural way to induce sleep without the side effects of commercial sleep aids. Many people in Commerce City Colorado can be helped with a home hot tub.

Recent studies show that hot tub therapy is not just a luxurious and fun way to spend an evening: it actually has visible health benefits. Advancements in technology have made some hot tubs environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient, so now is the ideal time to join the many who thrive from the low-maintenance benefits which hot tubs can offer.

Most surprising of all, however, is the positive effect which hot tubs have on patients with Type 2 Diabetes. A Study revealed that patients who spent half an hour per day in a hot tub reported a 13 % decrease in blood sugar levels, improved sleep, and a higher sense of well-being. Even if you do not suffer from one of these ailments, a hot tub is a successful component and a natural in stress relief, blood pressure, headaches, and the acceleration of the healing process.

Hot Tub Seating

The basic arrangement of jets and seats, new hot tubs now offer a wide variety of amenities. High-end tubs might include built-in sound systems and even TV sets, all controlled from a panel on the tub itself. There are even hot tubs with waterfalls and built-in workout equipment. Hot tubs also have lighting and stereos to set a mood.

Not all hot tub covers are weather resistant, but aftermarket PVC soft covers can be used to protect the insulated cover from the rain and sun.

Obviously, the number of people a tub can accommodate will depend on its size: The smallest tubs hold just two people while the largest can fit a party of 10. The size of the footwell– the space for feet below the seats– will affect how crowded the tub feels when full of people. Simple bench seats, often found in traditional wooden hot tubs, are easy to move around on and accommodate larger groups.

What sets a hot tub apart from a simple bathtub is its water jets. Used on the original Jacuzzi tubs in 1968, the standard water jet pushes water in a straight line so it hits a single spot at a steady speed. Modern tubs offer a variety of options.

When choosing a hot tub, don’t assume that more jets are always better. The best way to find the right setup, is to jump in and test any hot tub before you buy. If you are buying from a specialty retailer, you may be able to customize the location of jets in a higher-end tub to meet your particular needs, but even jets in a standardized placement might be adjustable.

See your hot tub dealer in Commerce City CO.