Custom Drapery

Custom Drapery

DIY Drapes – What to do if there is no room for a drapery holdback on your window. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and 20% off with promo code CL01:
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Covered in this video:

– Do it yourself drapes
– Arched windows
– Drapery hardware
– Window treatments
– Luxurious custom window coverings
– Galaxy-Design
– Decorative drapery hardware
– Draperies
– Hold backs
– Window treatment style ideas
– Contemporary window treatments
– Unique window treatments
– Creative window treatments
– French scrolls
– Swags

Mallie: Welcome to another episode of Galaxy Design’s Innovative Design Series. Today we are here in Woodland Hills at one of our new clients Mona’s House. She came by the drapery shop after visiting one of our YouTube Videos and asked us to see if we could help her dress her windows.

Steve: She told us that she has a couple of arch windows that are next to one another, however though the ceiling happens to be going in a slanted mode, and there seems to be no room for any of the drapery hardware.

Mallie: So why don’t you follow us inside and see what we are working on and see how we can contribute to Mona’s life, by doing what we do best, which is dressing windows.

Steve: Sounds like a plan, Let’s Do it

Mallie: Okay let’s go!

Mona: Hello come on in

Steve: Hi Mona, How are you

Mona: how are you?

Steve: Good to see you again

Mallie: Nice to meet you

Mona: Come on in

Mona: here you go it this way. So this is the room that I wanted to get fixed up.

Steve: Mona thank you so much for having us back again, and I just wanted to give you a full introduction. This is Mallie Messri. Mallie is a co-designer as well as she is a realtor and she does really a great job at designing homes so that’s why I invited her to come back and join us again.

Mona: Thanks for coming

Steve: and she has some great tastes in curtains and drapes so she’s going to tell you a little about what we are looking at and I would like to hear about what she has to say about the room and window treatments.

Mona: Perfect, Perfect. So what do you think?

Mallie: I love your home, first of all your home is beautiful, by the way. It’s big and it’s just beautiful. I see that you’ve done some furnishing and I love the furniture you have chosen and you have put up some beautiful artwork. In your own words I want to know what kind of ambiance do you want to create when you walk into the room. Do you want traditional or do you want more of a contemporary style.

Mona: well actually I want it to be unique; I want it to be different.

Steve: so I have some great ideas, I think the drapery scrolls will look really well in here. Why don’t we go ahead and get them down on the paper and so we can look at them visually at what they would look like.

Mona: I would love that, let’s go

Steve: Let’s do it

Mona: Thank you

Steve: So Mona how do you like this…

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